Our 17th Annual “Partners In Learning” Program

2018 Final Results – Partner School List

Information for Local Schools: 

  1. The “PARTNERS IN LEARNING” program will run from 08/01/18 through 10/24/18.
  2. Customers may sign up the local school of their choice.
  3. School members and Parents need to sign up every year, use their Preferred Kennies Card each time they shop and spend at least $100.00 (excluding milk, cigarettes, tobacco, pharmacy and tax) at their local Kennie’s Market during the program for their purchases to be included.
  4. Anyone may sign up until September 1st, 2018. Their totals will accumulate from the sign up period forward.
  5. Kennie’s will rebate up to 1% of the purchases made in the Schools names with a maximum donation of $20,000.00 to all enrolled Schools.
  6. If the amount to be rebated to all charities does not exceed $20,000, each School will receive 1% of their purchases
  7. If the amount to be rebated to all Schools exceeds $20,000, your organization will get a pro-rated percentage of the $20,000 based on the total spending of the Schools. Example: The total amount of purchases in all the Schools is $3,000,000 and School 1 has accumulated $60,000 in purchases, 60,000 / 3,000,000 =  2%of all money purchases in all Schools’ names.  School 1 will receive 2% of $20,000 or $400.
  8. Due to our concern for customer privacy, Kennie’s will not provide you with names of customers enrolled for your school; however, we will tell you the number of members enrolled and total purchases made.
  9. Kennie’s cannot give each individual a report of Kennie’s donations in their name due to the large number of households involved.
  10. Finally, the $$ your School earns will be presented with a “Partners In Learning” donation.


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  • See partner school list for more details.

  • Privacy Statement: All information is confidential and will not be sold or used by anyone except Kennie's Market.

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