Preferred Customer Program

It’s not an advertising gimmick, and it’s not a charge card. It’s your ticket to even greater customer service and savings at Kennie’s Markets.

The Preferred Customer Card is a vehicle we use to show our appreciation to you, our loyal customers. Whether you are a new customer, or have been shopping with us for years, we greatly appreciate your patronage.

With the aid of this technology, we can now focus our promotions toward you. Like other retailers, we had previously used enormous funds in advertising, hoping to reach primarily our loyal customers. With the Preferred Customer Card, we can be sure that all of our promotional funds and savings are directed to you. You will enjoy hundreds of in-store savings with the use of your Preferred Customer Card, as well as getting other pleasant surprises in the future. Joining our Preferred Customer Program is absolutely free.

  • You can benefit as soon as you sign up. At that moment, your Preferred Customer Card will be activated.
  • You’ll see your savings at the bottom of your cash register receipt every time you use your Preferred Customer Card.
  • Using your card every time you shop enables us to identify you as an outstanding customer. It also enables us to reward you periodically, via mail, with special offers, and weekly Sweepstakes.
  • Your name, address, and purchases are always confidential at Kennie’s Markets.

If you have recently shopped at Kennie’s and have a new Kennie’s card click here to enroll.

There is an easy to use process that will not only activate your new card but then also let you update your account anytime.

If you need any assistance with the sign up process contact us or stop at your favorite Kennie’s market service desk and let us help at the store.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Preferred Customer Program:

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Why must I use my Preferred Customer Card every time I shop even though I may not be purchasing a Preferred Customer Card sale item?
How do you know who your best customers are?
What do you do for your best customers?
Does Kennie's Markets sell or give away information about its customers?